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Our skilled and professional teams of wood floor fitters have over 15 years’ experience in flooring and carpentry. Quality products and excellence in service are our trademark.

It’s Just a Wooden Floor?

This is a question many people ask.  It’s just a wooden floor, how difficult can it be right? 

Well, if you want the job done right, it is extremely important to make sure a professional fits your new floor. As qualified carpenters and specialised wood-flooring fitters, our experts have come across floors that have been laid by the very enthusiastic DIY amateur and can tell straight away it was a non-professionally completed job.

The telltale signs are the simple mistakes an amateur would make; regimented board patterns, badly fitted beading or beading that ends with unattractive gaps, badly mitred corners, gaps between boards, floors that are fit around an architrave or butting up to skirting boards, voids underneath the boards causing hollow footfalls, creaking floors because the floorboards in the substructure haven’t been fixed before laying.  A buckled wooden floor where expansion gaps were not left or not enough room was left causing your new floor to swell up.  The list of ‘mistakes’ is endless and expensive.

You have spent the money on a gorgeous new floor, chosen with your home in mind and how the finished product will look once laid.  The last thing you do is hold back on the fitting, especially when so many things can go wrong.  All our fitters are expert professionals with decades of experience and more importantly the right tools for the job.  You would be surprised what one needs to fit a wood floor properly.

Fitting a wood floor is a highly skilled trade and done correctly it will last for decades. Our conscientious craftsmen take great pride in creating beautiful floors.  You can be assured that all our fitters will expertly install your chosen wood floor, whether it is solid, engineered or laminate flooring.  Not only that, but the end result will be worth it.  As the old saying goes, “Clothes maketh the man,” well, in the case of floor fitting, “The fitter maketh the floor.”


We use the best quality materials in all our floor installations. We offer outstanding value for your flooring project, no matter how large or small. By choosing the right materials from the best suppliers, and by picking the best wooden floor fitters in the industry, we can offer you a quality service with luxurious flooring at remarkable prices.

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